Yelp Testimonials

I really like how Jared teaches guitar and music in such a thoughtful, positive and enthusiastic way.

In the past 2 years I’ve made substantial progress technically and musically and I have Jared to thank for that.  You set your musical goals and Jared will help you figure out how to get there.

Jared is quick to spot technique problems and can provide practical exercises to build up strengths. Musical education is also part of the lesson (if you are interested), so your musicianship will grow as well as your guitar technical skills.

The standout for me is how energized I feel to continue on with guitar after our weekly lesson.  Thanks Jared!

– Steve (student)

As someone who has played guitar for over ten years and taken lessons from several other accomplished guitar teachers, I can safely say that Jared is the best guitar teacher I’ve taken lessons from.

He determines what you hope to take away from the lessons and what your goals are as a player and is very dedicated to finding a way to get you there that is both educational and enjoyable. His instruction is very flexible and has no hesitation dropping one exercise and focusing more on styles of learning that are suitable for you as a student.

For someone who has been playing for a long time he was quickly able to open up a whole new set of possibilities and refresh the instrument for me as well as better my understanding of music harmony and melody in general.

– Hamilton (student)

Jared is a fantastic instructor. He begins work by teaching proper technique with the type of music the student is interested in and goes from. He can work with interests from punk rock to classical, electric to acoustic, no theory to complex music theory.  A very talented musician and an excellent, encouraging, patient instructor. My son was a music novice with an intense desire to learn and practice (2-4 hours a day). In just 18 months he advanced his music theory knowledge and skills so far that he was able to easily improvise jazz solos. You can’t go wrong working with Jared!

– Kathleen (student’s parent)

I have been taking lessons with Jared since June 26th, 2011 – I was referred by a mutual acquaintance.  I bought myself a guitar for my birthday a year ago and realized I needed some outside motivation to play it.  While I’m relatively new to guitar and this is my first time taking guitar lessons, I have been drumming for 13 years with private instruction and university courses.  I would highly recommend Jared.  He is inspiring, professional, informative, and patient; a shining example of what a great teacher should be.

Over the past five months, I’ve already seen significant improvement in both my guitar performance as well as my understanding of the guitar and music in general.  Jared is very good at balancing the scale between creativity and technique, while never losing sight of what your goals are as a student.  As with any learning process, I would suggest you understand your own goals and level of commitment before jumping in to lessons.  As I’ve seen, Jared will probably motivate you to practice more than you originally thought, which I really appreciate.   It’s with practice and strong understanding that I’ve gotten to a point where I am proud of my abilities on the guitar.  Work with Jared and I hope you find the same!

– Brian (student)

Other Testimonials

“Duuuude I understand why you’re having me learn the songs this way now. It just clicked. And also I see how everything else I’ve learned up to this point makes it achievable. 🙏 “
– Jessie (student)
“Thanks again for coming out to the show! . . . I really think all the lessons with you helped make this possible. All the metronome work, getting to know scales and chords well, reading lead sheets, working with the real book… etc. It was awesome to have it finally pay off for a show, and it was a ton of fun!”
– Simon (student)