Classical Guitar

I’ve studied classical guitar extensively with three distinguished teachers: Michael LeFevre, Steven Novacek, and Michael Partington. What I have learned from these teachers is invaluable and utilized every time I pick up the guitar. As a teacher myself I am committed to passing on the proper technique and disciplined approach that is at the core of classical guitar playing, regardless of the genre of music.

My take on teaching classical guitar is unique because of my diverse stylistic interests and background. For those strictly interested in working on classical I use a series of tried-and-true exercises, method books, and repertoire pieces while also including theoretical information that is often ignored in standard classical pedagogy.

For those of you interested in all kinds of music, and want to dabble a little in classical to expand your horizons and technique, we will work on seeing the bridge between classical guitar and the music you’re already playing via technique, theory, and fretboard mapping.