My Approach To Teaching Jazz

  • Specializing in a thorough understanding of music theory and jazz harmony on the guitar fret board
  • Systematic scale and arpeggio learning that fills in all the knowledge gaps
  • Emphasis on time, because a good “feel” is essential to jazz improvisation
  • Systematic learning of chord structure, inversions, and melodic accompaniment
  • Tune learning in a methodical order
  • Transcribing and analyzing great jazz solos
  • A lot of hands on jamming
  • Chord melody arrangements and improvisation
  • Phrasing work to make playing sound cohesive and compelling
  • Free improvisation practice to remind us what the true core elements of music are, and how the "right notes" matter less than we usually think. 
  • Voice leading training
  • Interpreting lead sheets
  • Solo guitar arrangements of jazz tunes
  • Relaxed technique

My Jazz Background

  • Private jazz guitar lessons as a teenager
  • Participated in public school jazz programs at Hamilton Middle School, Garfield High School, and Nathan Hale High School.
  • Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of Washington (studied with Cuong Vu)
  • Extensive performance and gigging experience
  • Co-founding member of the Seattle free improvisation jam session called the Racer Sessions (written about in the New York Times)
  • Co-founding member of Seattle based, new music record label, Table & Chairs