Reading Music

answer to "Do I need to learn how to read music?" (from FAQs page)

I usually require at least a small amount of music reading in my curriculum, but it’s not a core part of the way I teach. Ideally I want you to have some sort of basic foundation in understanding how to read music. If being a good reader does become important to someone after years of playing music, and they've had no exposure to it at all, it can be extremely frustrating to learn from scratch. This is why I especially require younger students to become a little bit familiar with it. Some adults make it very clear that they are not interested in reading music and that’s totally fine, especially if they have other specific goals in mind. But younger students have much less clarity as to what they want out of music and where it might take them in the future, so I do at least expose them to the basics of reading. If your lessons are focused on either jazz or classical guitar playing, then reading music will definitely be an integral part of the curriculum that I create for you. In short, I will always hone in on the topics that excite and inspire students the most, sometimes reading is a part of that and sometimes it’s not.

For those who are more serious about reading music and want to focus on it, I have several method book sources that I find effective for advancing one’s reading abilities.