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Jared possess a special skill far beyond being a great and knowledgeable musician, he is a wonderful teacher! Jared’s style is unique in that he has the uncanny ability to know where the roadblocks are and provides an approach to get around them. Five star rating for Jared as the best guitar teacher I have had!
— Scott (student)
I’ve been playing guitar for about 15 years - I have improved more in the last few months than in the last decade. Jared’s teaching is an ideal blend of musicality, technique, theory, and fun. He brings excitement and positive energy to every lesson. One thing I really appreciate is that there isn’t a static curriculum - Jared makes continuous adjustments based on how I am doing and what I am interested in, whether it’s core technique, Chet Atkins style fingerpicking, jazz, or transcribing a song. I always look forward to my lessons and highly recommend him as a teacher!
— Jake (student)
I feel blessed to have stumbled upon Jared when I moved back to Seattle a year ago after years of traveling. I had been playing the guitar for just over a year at that point and was already writing songs of my own. I was ready for the next level, to expand my understanding of the guitar and get more serious about putting my music out into the world. From the first lesson I knew it was a going to be a good fit. He spent most of the first lesson getting to know me, my musical passions and goals. For the first time, as a female musician I felt really respected and supported. I play many instruments including flute, saxophone, and frame drum but Jared helped to heal a lot of my upset around not being encouraged as a younger female musician in a predominately male environment growing up. I was now able to approach music on my own terms. It became obvious that he really listens and doesn’t project the same lesson template onto every student hoping it will work. The depth and nuance of his understanding of the guitar always blows me away allowing him to respond in real time to the student’s needs and goals. His teaching extends far beyond learning guitar chords and scales. He’s an artistic coach, mentor, friend, composer, and accompanist who is really passionate about teaching and helping people on their path of musical expression.
— Josie (student)
As someone who has played guitar for over ten years and taken lessons from several other accomplished guitar teachers, I can safely say that Jared is the best guitar teacher I’ve taken lessons from. He determines what you hope to take away from the lessons and what your goals are as a player and is very dedicated to finding a way to get you there that is both educational and enjoyable. His instruction is very flexible and has no hesitation dropping one exercise and focusing more on styles of learning that are suitable for you as a student. For someone who has been playing for a long time he was quickly able to open up a whole new set of possibilities and refresh the instrument for me as well as better my understanding of music harmony and melody in general.
— Hamilton (student)
I’ve been taking weekly lessons from Jared for years and not only is he a fantastic teacher, but also a wonderful mentor and enthusiast! Jared’s range of music education and experience, as well as his thoughtful and adaptable teaching style is truly a gift to find in one person. He can absolutely create an effective, structured lesson plan for learning guitar basics and music theory if that’s your goal, but Jared has also helped me overcome major creative blocks with my songwriting and parts-writing, and been supportive and encouraging when I’ve been in doubt. Music is emotional, not just technical, and I think Jared really understands that and teaches in a way that celebrates that connectivity.
— Jessie (student)
Jared is an exceptional classical guitar teacher. I’ve learned more from him than any other teacher I’ve studied with. Jared’s knowledge and enthusiasm about the instrument, music, and teaching makes learning classical guitar so enjoyable. He is thoughtful, patient, attentive to students’s abilities and needs, and an excellent communicator. Additionally, Jared is exceptionally skilled at breaking down exercises, methods, and techniques into manageable pieces. He is also very good at finding creative ways to help you resolve problems you may encounter during lessons or while at home practicing. I come away from every lesson excited about practicing what I’ve learned that week. The new skills and tools I’ve acquired since studying with Jared have definitely improved my playing. Thank you Jared!
— Barbara (student)
I can say with great confidence that Jared is more than just your average music teacher. He is adaptive to what you personally want to achieve and tweaks each lesson so that you take steps to achieve those goals while creating an engaging and fun environment to learn. To me, he has become more than just a music teacher. He has become my friend, my mentor, and role model. Jared will not only help you learn what you came to learn but he will also help you create an organized schedule and give advice on how to stay consistent with your practices. Through him, I have become a well-educated musician and artist. But most importantly, his lessons and charisma have matured me overtime and have made me a better person. Jared is one of the best private music tutors you could learn from in Seattle.
— Yim (student)
Through studying jazz guitar with Jared I have been able to achieve many long term goals including making my own music, improvising/playing with other musicians, and increasing my theoretical mastery of the guitar/music as a whole. My lessons with Jared have been a continual source of inspiration and joy. I love Jared’s musical philosophy and regardless of what I’m interested in he is always able to help me better myself. Jared is extremely talented, intelligent, and friendly and is always there to support me in whatever new musical concept I wish to learn next. He can help anyone looking to better themselves in a wide variety of areas regardless of the style of music you are interested in. I have no intention of stopping music lessons with Jared as they continue to be something I look forward to every week. Anyone would be lucky to have such a great teacher.
— Steve M. (student)
I started taking production lessons from Jared while working on an album for a school project. Despite the limitations of my experience and recording equipment, Jared showed me lots of ways to make it sound professional. Jared has a great ability to reveal the simplest ways to make the biggest improvements. He didn’t fundamentally change the music I made, instead he revealed all the tools I could use to sharpen it, and presented opportunities to me that I hadn’t previously considered. Mixing music can be daunting, but Jared’s combination of experience and friendliness makes the task much more enjoyable and rewarding.
— Beck (student)
I really enjoy taking guitar lessons with Jared. I am an adult beginner and appreciate his easy patience and the positive atmosphere he creates. He has been great on teaching technique and posture so I can avoid strain due to some old injuries. Jared adjusts each lesson to my interests and keeps the level of challenge just right. I’ve learned a lot in a short time while having fun.
— Donna (student)
I have seen Jared for four years now, and to say that he has helped me unlock my own songwriting aspirations would be an understatement. His genuine interest in helping me find the right chord, the right phrasing, or even working through occasional writing blocks has been incredibly beneficial to me. I have now written several dozen original songs (words and music), and Jared is an incredible (and honest) soundboard for me when bringing new material to him. His encouragement and support has done wonders for my songwriting confidence, and that is something that all artists seek. I hope to self-release at least an E.P. of all original material in the next six months. That goal would be unobtainable but for the Jared Borkowski. While I know he is an amazing guitar instructor, if you have any songwriting ambitions that may need a nudge of encouragement, or you are lacking confidence, or if you are new to songwriting altogether, you would do well to see Jared at North Seattle Guitar Lessons.
— Kevin (student)
Jared is a fantastic instructor. He begins work by teaching proper technique with the type of music the student is interested in and goes from there. He can work with interests from punk rock to classical, electric to acoustic, no theory to complex music theory.  A very talented musician and an excellent, encouraging, patient instructor. My son was a music novice with an intense desire to learn and practice (2-4 hours a day). In just 18 months he advanced his music theory knowledge and skills so far that he was able to easily improvise jazz solos. You can’t go wrong working with Jared!
— Kathleen (student’s parent)
Jared teaches guitar and music in such a thoughtful, positive, and enthusiastic way. In the past 2 years I’ve made substantial progress technically and musically and I have Jared to thank for that. Set your musical goals and Jared will help you figure out how to get there. He is quick to spot technique problems and can provide practical exercises to build up strengths. Your musicianship will grow as well as your guitar technical skills. The standout for me is how energized I feel after our weekly lesson. Thanks Jared!
— Steve W. (student)
I highly recommend Jared. He is inspiring, professional, informative, and patient; a shining example of what a great teacher should be. Over the past five months, I’ve already seen significant improvement in both my guitar performance as well as my understanding of the guitar and music in general. Jared is very good at balancing between creativity and technique, while never losing sight of what your goals are as a student.
— Brian (student)
Jared’s approach to teaching theory is very accessible and is easily the most practical thing I’ve ever learned as a guitar player. Jared taught me how to see and use chord inversions, which has greatly improved my familiarity with the fretboard, and allows me to now play in more interesting and creative ways.
— Evan (Student)
One of the great things about Jared is he listens to you and adjusts lesson content based on the feedback you provide. His ability to listen allows him to deliver a personalized lesson plan that incorporates your goals and gets you excited about what you are working on. Jared also has taught me techniques to prevent and address minor aches that come up while learning to play. He takes this seriously and shows you how to prevent and resolve any issues that come up.
— Sean (student)
All the metronome work, getting to know scales and chords well, reading lead sheets, working with the real book, etc. It was awesome to have it finally pay off for a show, and it was a ton of fun!
— Simon (student)


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