I’m serious about time! Music unfolds in time, therefore a good sense of it is absolutely critical to self expression on any instrument in any style. I’m extremely fortunate to have learned from teachers who put a major emphasis on having good time. The metronome exercises I’ve learned from them have opened up my mind and my ears to a whole world that I never knew existed before. I now use these exercises in all of my teaching and they produce excellent results. Good time can easily make the difference between an amateur sounding musician and a professional sounding musician. No matter how cool an idea is, it just won’t sound right if it’s not well placed in time. This is more than just using a metronome when practicing a piece of music. As one practices serious time exercises they become more and more sensitive to how their musical articulations are, in fact, not quite even. A truly proficient sense of time can take years to attain. I’m committed to helping the serious student accomplish a competent understanding of this very necessary skill, including experience with odd meters, polyrhythms, and speed.